LED Night Light Bunny

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Super cute children's LED all-night companion that keeps away the monsters!

SOOTHING LIGHT: LumiPet soother nightlights offer a gentle and calming glow for children of all ages

SAFE AND GENTLE: Soft and never too warm, a child can safely rest dim Lumi Pets in their crib or bed

CORDLESS: Battery operated lamps can also be powered using the micro USB outlet plug in for charging

EASY CONTROL: Go from white to colors with a tap on the pet shaped lamp or use the remote with timer

PORTABLE: Boys and girls will love carrying their light from bedroom to hallway or bathroom at nite

  • 8 vibrant colors
  • High quality none toxic soft washable silicone + ABS material safe for babies and toddlers. No sharp parts and can be put into bed.
  • Vibration sensor allows easy control of lights on tap.
  • Portable design and handheld size for Children. Bring on a camping trip or keep it on the charger.
  • Built in 1200mAH lithium battery supports portable usage all night.
  • Does not get hot and lasts with no need to replace batteries.

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