1100LM Solar 48Led Light Outdoor WaterProof Aluminum Radar Motion Sensor Lighting Lamp for Wall Security Yard Patio Fence Porch

Led Number: 48LED
Style: Radar Sensor White
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Aluminum Alloy Housing Solar Lights Different from other solar lamps with plastic housing. Lightweight but strong. Sandblasted and anodized metal housing,anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance. It can be used for many years even in extreme weather or harsh outdoor environments and maintain its performance. The lampshade is made of engineering plastic PC material, which is heat-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, and anti-yellowing.

   High Efficient Solar Panel PET solar panel with a larger lighting area, it can absorb sunlight faster, so that it can be recharged faster. Charging for 8 hours, can be illuminated for more than 12 hours.

 High-END LED For Bright Outdoor Lighting 48 LED 2835 high-end LED beads, 6000k white color temperature appears brighter, and it can reach 900 lumens in bright mode. The lampshade surface is curved by a large angle. The structure is designed to diffuse the light outwards, which has the characteristics of large-area illumination.

 Microwave Radar Induction & Dawn To Dusk Lighting Radar motion sensor is a detector that combines microwave receiving and transmitting equipment. The working principle is based on the Doppler effect. The microwave wavelength is very short, between 1mm and 1000mm, so it is easily reflected by objects.The sensing angle is greater than 180°, and the farthest sensing distance can reach 32 feet.Ultra-long runtime on always on mode,up to 12H for dusk to dawn lighting.

 Four Working Modes & Waterproof Four working modes meet all your requirements for lighting.Mode:Faint light to strong light ;No light to strong light;Always lighting;Emergency lighting.You can set the mode arbitrarily.Waterproof,suitable for any outdoor scene: Garage, aisle, porch, patio, garden, deck, camping, yard, farm, fence, wall, etc.


Product Information:


· Solar panel:5V,3.2W

· Lithium battery:3.2V,3000mAh

· Maximum lumen:1000LM

· Charging time: 6hours

· Working time:depends on which mode on,more than 500 times sensor after fully charged,keep 10 hours at mode 3(about half of strong lighting)

· Sensing distance:5-10M/16.4-32.8ft

Color temperature: 4000k, 6000k

·Lighting mode: four lighting modes are adjustable

·Charging time: fully charged in summer sunshine for 8 hours

·Light on time: the light can be turned on for more than 500 times after 15 seconds of induction (under full power)

·If the induction delay time is not over, the timing will start again

How to use:

Power on:press and hold the switch for 5-10 seconds to start the first mode.

4 Modes Features: each press of a button will replace a light mode,switch circularly.

The modes are as follows:

1 - Dim, full bright when motion detected

2 - Off, full bright when motion detected

3 - Medium all night, no motion detection

4 - Manual - full bright for 30 minutes


Solar outdoor lights to brighten your home

How to start the solar light and switch between the four modes?

1.Long press 5s to start, then turn on the low light to strong light sensor mode:

Radar Motion Sensor and 4 Working Modes


  • Radar Sensor - Microwave radar motion detector is a hi-tech induction technology based on Doppler principle with 360° wide angle detection which can detect moving objects easily from all the directions up to 30 feet. Radar sensor works well in extreme weather condition and installed inside the light BUT please make sure it was installed far away from any other lighting source or electrical products to avoid electromagnetic interference.

  • MODE 1 - Dimmable & Bright Mode: Light stays in dimmable but becomes very bright for 15 seconds when motion is detected. Light continues very bright if motion is being detected all the time.

  • MODE 2 -Off & Bright mode: Light is off but becomes very bright for 15 seconds when motion is detected. Light stays very bright if motion keeps being detected all the time.

  • MODE 3 -Constant lighting mode: Light stays on constantly with dim brightness all the time during the night, no motion sensor function.

  • MODE 4 -Emergency mode: Light stays very bright for 30 minutes and then turns off. When solar panel senses light, emergency mode starts over for another 30 minutes, no motion sensor function.

  • There are 4 different modes following this sequence: Dimmable-Bright, Off-Bright, Constant Lighting, Emergency Lighting and then Power Off. You can cycle through them by just pushing the button shortly each time


Turn on the solar Lights


  • Make sure to charge the lights 6 hours before use.

  • Please be noted that lights must be mounted vertically with the light portion down to avoid water damage

  • Please have the solar panel fully exposed directly to sunlight, especially in the winter or rainy and cloudy days

  • Please turn on the light in a completely dark environment or cover the solar panel during daytime

  • The On/Off switch is on the LED Cover. Push and hold the button for 5 seconds to turn on the light and to set it to first mode Dimmable-Bright Mode (recommended)


Lighting up Your Road Home


  • If you install 2 lights in same location put them 10' apart and make it far away from other lighting source and electrical products to avoid electromagnetic wave interference.

  • Recommended height is 10 ~ 16ft above ground level

  • 1100 Lumens output with sensing distance: 17-33ft

  • LED Specification: SMD 2835 30lm with 6000K color temperature

  • Detection Angle 360° plus Waterproof IP65 grade and weather resistance

  • 48 LED beads provides very bright illumination and covers a wider area of your entire yard with over 600 Ft²


Dusk to Dawn


  • Light automatically turns off at daylight and works in the dark, it operates dusk to dawn

  • Solar panel: 5V 3.2W, Maximum Voltage 3.65V, Minimum Voltage : 2.65V

  • Battery: Lithium ion phosphate battery 3.2V 4500mAh.

  • Battery is Explosion-Proof and non-memory.

  • The battery life will last more than 5 years, you don't need to replace it

  • SECUROAD illuminates your county road, yard, garage, garden, park, farm, pathway

  • Package Include: 1 48 LED Solar Motion Sensor Light; 2 Expansion Pillar-hinge; 2 Installing Screws; 1 Positioning Card; 1 Instructions




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