Arcade Box Game Console for PS1/DC/N64 64GB Classic Retro 33000+ Games Super Console 4K HD Display on TV Projector Monitor

Color: wired controller
Sale price$65.89

Plug and play. Built-in 33,000 games already, you can also add more games by yourself. 50 game series inside, support adding more simulators too.

 Note that the console base on open source system,games pre-installed only for testing, you must own the games you play in order to comply with the law.

  • HD Output.HDMI-compatible output to TV, monitor and projector.
  • Come with two controllers, applicable battery: 2*AAA Battery(Not included). (Buy more controllers in our shop, we can give you a free USB Hub, this product supports 4 controllers/players to play games at the same time).
  • 26 different system languages to choose, easy to set up and save/read game progress/state.
  • Excellent software and hardware,EE game system, S905 chip, 1+8G RAM.

Plug and play

33,000 games have been installed already, play immediately while arrives.And it can save game progress/state too. Casual games, exciting games, single-player games, multi-player games, all this will bring you back to the happy childhood memories.

Preinstall 50 game series

Including all the retro games you want!Countless classic games from dozens of famous game manufacturers,such as PS/Naomi/DC/NDS/CPS/NEOGEO/MD/Sega

HD Output

Comes with HDMI-compatible cable to connect the TV to play , turn your home into a gaming paradise.

Comes with two wired/wireless controllers

Smooth connection, no lag, Play against your family or friends happily. (you can also buy more controllers in our shop, we can give you a free USB extender, this product supports 4 players to play games at the same time).

Multilingual system

Switch 26 system languages at will, play games without hindrance.

Upgrade Amlogic S905 Chip, EE game system

1+8G RAM, 64-bit 4-core CPU, 5-core Mali-450 graphics processor.All the games can run smoothly under the powerful hardware.

How to add more games:

1.Take out the SD card from the console and put it into a PC.
2.Use a software which can read different forms of disk to read the SD card. Click the Games disk and get into the "roms" folder.
3.Put the games into the corresponding folders,jop is done.



1.Q: Does it have android system? Can I watch a smart TV?
   A: No, it doesn't have Android, can't watch TV as a set-top box, only a gaming system.
2.Q: Can I change the system language?
   A: Yes, it includes 26 system languages such as: Russian, Japanese, English, Spanish and many more. You can switch languages in the menu, and the accompanying manual has detailed methods.
3.Q: Can I connect other controllers?
   A: Yes, arcade box is suitable for 2.4G USB wireless controller and all USB wired controllers.
4.Q: What kind of games does this console have? Is there a list of games?
   A: We have a list of games. Please ask customer service, customer service can send you a complete list of games.
5.Q: How to quit the game? Can I download more games?
   A: Press "start"+select" twice to exit the game, the attached manual has methods to exit the game and download the game.
6.Q: What to do if the screen is green screen after startup?
   A: Don’t worry, it’s the screen resolution problem that caused the green screen, please check the solutionHow to solve the dispay problem:
1.Set up the resolution of the TV to 1080P before connecting the console.
2.Take out the SD card and start the console which is connecting to TV,then set up the resolution to 1080P in Android TV setting. (When setting the resolution of the Android system, you need to use a mouse to complete this operation)
3.Put the SD card back to the console,restart it.Then find the emuelec setting and change the resolution to 1080P. Job is done.
Please watch the video:
Note: 1080P/50HZ may be betterPlease operate each step, if the screen still has this problem after the operation is completed, please contact us again.
7. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact our customer service, we will answer all your questions.


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