VinO2™ - Smart Electric Wine Aerator Decanter

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Make Any Wine Taste Expensive With VinO2 - Instant Wine Aerator

Wine lovers! Get ready to experience a new world of flavor. Our revolutionary Smart Wine Aerator was designed to fully decant and aerate your wine to perfection in seconds.

Why Should You Aerate Your Wine?

Many of the red wines we pick up at the store are not yet ready to be enjoyed at their best. They need to be exposed to air in order for the tannins from the grape skins to mellow and the sulfites to be removed, reducing the astringency and allowing the true flavors and aromas of your wine to be revealed. This amazing aerator does what hours spent in a traditional decanter would do for wine, instantly.

Better Tasting Wine Instantly With the Push of a Button

Revolutionary one-button technology instantly infuses oxygen into the wine as it's pumped through a special magnetic field to provide 6x more surface area oxidation than traditional funnels. You can actually see the oxidation reaction through the LED window. The red light has a long wavelength, which penetrates the molecules of your wine and accelerates oxidation even further. Simply put, our wine aerator & decanter infuses all of the necessary elements into the wine to have your taste buds light up with flavor.

Aerate Wine Anywhere

A compact design allows the wine aerator to fit practically any sized container from a purse to a picnic basket, while a soft finish ensures comfortable use every time. Stay at home and enjoy wine by the fire, host a barbecue at the park, or stroll down the beach. No matter where you go, the electric aerator will be your wines best friend.


Rechargeable Device With Longest Battery Life

Simply put, our wine aerator was designed to last. Once the device is fully charged for 4 hours, it can aerate up to 100 wine bottles of 750ml.

Effortlessly Use & Clean With Same Procedure


Keep Wine Fresh Longer

The Smart Wine Aerator features an airtight rubber seal, which keeps your wine fresh while you drink and can be a great wine stopper to prevent spilling when you transport it to other places.

Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers & Party Hosts

As the most comprehensive aerating solution, the wine aerator instantaneously transforms traditional classics into show-stopping drinks packed with emboldened flavors. It's the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys drinking some wine, amateur or enthusiast.

1x VinO2™ Smart Wine Aerator
2x Hose
1x USB Cable
1x Velvet Bag


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