Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy

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Is your cat usually at home while you're at work? This could, unfortunately, cause frustration, destructive behavior or just a sleepless the time that leads to being awake in the night...


To avoid this it from happening, you must give your cat toys to have fun with while you're away at home.


Offering your cat toys to play with even when you're not around can give them an opportunity to stimulate themselves and get the release they require to get an enjoyable night's sleep, rather than keeping you awake all midnight.

The cat toy set comes with bright birds and bells which will attract your cat's attention and eyes as well as providing stimulation and exercise the cat even when you're away.

Made with the solid suction cup as well as a thin steel wire to secure the bird of your choice to the wire.


It will spin about as your cat engages with the bird, giving an real-life bird image that provides more excitement and awe for cats to engage and fight the bird.



This lets your cat unleash its instinctual hunting urges and burn calories and possibly learn some new techniques along the route.


Its suction base is fixed vertically or horizontally to any smooth and hard surface like windows or hardwood floors..


  • Suction cup with strong suction to allow vertical and horizontal attachment
  • The wire is thin and steel, it moves and creates an realistic bird's-eye impression
  • It provides stimulation and entertainment to your pet
  • Helps cats show their instinctual hunting instincts
  • Exercise enhances the health and well-being of your cat.
  • Bright birds with feathers and bells to draw the attention of your cat
  • Five different birds included including suction cup base, steel wire that is thin
  • Non-toxic and cat-friendly materials
  • Ideal for cats of all sizes and ages