Wireless Doorbell Camera: 1080P Smart Home Doorbell Camera WiFi Wireless Door Bell Video cam for Home Security IP Camera Outdoor

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Best Wireless Doorbell Ring Camera For Home Security


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Option1: only 1*Chime
Option2: only 1*Doorbell
Option3: 1*Doorbell, with battery
Option4: 1*Doorbell, 1*Chime, with battery, 1*32G TF card
Option5: 1*Doorbell, 1*Chime, with battery
Option6: 1*Doorbell, 2*Chime, with battery
Option7: 1*Doorbell, 1*Chime, with battery, 1*64G TF card
Option8: 1*Doorbell, 2*Chime, with battery, 1*32G TF card
Option9: 1*Doorbell, 2*Chime, with battery, 1*64G TF card
Option10: 1*Doorbell, 1*Chime, with battery, Support Google Home and Alexa


The video doorbell is not waterproof, please make sure not the doorbell will be away from rain.

Clear Two-Way Audio & Audio Record

*This IP camera with built-in enhanced microphone and speaker, you can warn off thieves, screen visitors at your door or communicate directly with your family or friends.

*Protecting your family and property from harm just by your phone app. Give you peace of mind and 24-hour security protection.

Wide Angle Lens

*166 degree auto zoom camera lens, built in advanced image sensor chip, this video surveillance camera captures high def video at a wide angle up to 166 degrees.

HD IR Night Vision

*Equipped with 6pcs IR-Cut led lights, you can get high quality video even at night.

*High resolution 1080P images and infrared camera, this WiFi camera can clearly capture every motion even in pitch-dark, record Full HD Live Video at night. Built in CMOS Image sensor, it enables sharp night vision up to 10M.

Motion Detection Alert

*You will receive an alert message upon unusual motion detected and be directed to the alert video page to see what was happening around your home. This CCTV camera let you no worry to miss any emergency events.

*Alert event recording to micro SD card or cloud storage. You could also download the alert videos from phone app.

Works with Google Home & Alexa (Chose it from Options)

*This wireless IP camera can works with Google Home. So you may use hands-free voice control to see what is happening in front of the camera's lens.

*Google Home Assistant will automatically give you friendly responses and execute your commands like: "Alexa, show me the camera" "Sure, here you go."

1080P Full HD Resolution Image and Video

*This video surveillance camera has 1920*1080P(2 Megapixel HD lens) High Resolution, full HD image for day and night, more details on the picture.

*Built in CMOS Image sensor, advanced algorithms and chips will enhances the field of vision and covers wider range. You can enjoy a clearer vision and video recordings than 720P security camera.

Larger Capacity Rechargeable Battery

*We designed a long battery life for your cordless experience. This wireless rechargeable camera with a large capacity rechargeable battery.

*By maximizing efficiency and charging speed, this CCTV camera's will run for nearly 1 to 6 months (when triggered within 20 times/day) in normal work when actively monitoring indoor and outdoor. (Note: depending on the frequency of motion detection. The less frequency, the longer battery power)

Digital Zoom

*Just use your finger to hold the mobile phone screen and expand outward, to Zoom in/out the live video image.

*This video surveillance camera can clearly see more zoom details with a UHD picture, bringing you a better visual experience that is unsurpassed by other products in the market. Realize to see bigger details of distant objects without getting close.

Remote Access & Control

*Remotely view your home on phone app or PC software. This wireless IP camera will monitor continuous 24 hour per day.

*When you are on vacation, you will never be worried about your home security.

SD Card & Cloud Storage

*This wireless CCTV camera supports Micro SD card storage up to 128GB (videos can be replayed in LAN network). Cloud storage to avoid the risk of losing footage from SD card.

*You can log in encrypted mobile phone app to instantly pinpoint your footage through an intelligent timeline and play it back in seamless and brilliant HD quality (SD card space size can be selected in the options!).

Multiple Users Access

*This IP wireless camera can be shared to your family or friends, ask them to register account to receive the shared camera permission.

*Supporting Multiple Users watching live video at the same time via phone APP.

Widely Used in Different Places

*Ideal video surveillance cam for open areas like house, shop, garage, office, restaurant, home security, etc.

*This Full HD security protection camera has been loved and used by thousands of families, is the best choice for everyday use and monitor.

Easy Setup and Installation

*Before you start, please power up your camera. Scan the QR code on the user manual, download the App from Google Play or App Store, Create Account then Add Device.

*After adding the camera device, please install this video doorbell camera where you want to install it. Look, security protection is so simple.

Only 2.4GHz WiFi network (5GHz NOT supported)

*The WiFi antenna modules of this IP cam offers a more stable network connection and wider range, significantly reduces poor connection issues.

*Please keep your device, phone and Wi-Fi router as close as possible during pairing.

*If the connection fails, please reset the camera first before trying again.

*Only works with 2.4GHz WiFi network. Does not support 5GHz.

Multi Platform (iOS, Android) Supported

*Support mobile phones (iOS, Android), support tablets (iPad, Android), multi system compatibility.

*This doorbell camera wireless is the most convenient way to watch 1080p live streaming from anywhere, anytime.

Battery can be replaced

*The built-in battery of this wireless WiFi doorbell camera can be removed or replaced. When you feel that the battery is low or the battery is aging and needs to be replaced, do it

How to Connect to TUYA APP



Q: Is one Doorbell support 2 or more chimes?
A: Yes, One Doorbell supports connecting many chimes.

Q:I order with battery, why I can't turn on the camera?
A: Each battery with a insulation protection sticker, please remove it before using.

Q: If the WiFi signal is too weak near the door, how can I solve the signal problem?
A: Please buy a WiFi extender, It will help you to extend the WiFi signal distance.

Q:Why the new battery worked short time?
A:For Airline require: All rechargeable battery must keep 0-60% power, if not, the parcels can't be shipped by air post.
So some battery is empty or less power. please charge the battery full at the first time use.

Q: Is the doorbell supporting intercom?
A: Yes, you can talk with your visitor via this smart video doorbell.

Q: Is the doorbell support 5GHz wifi or only 2.4G.
A: Only 2.4G.

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