185dB Super Loud Air Horn Compressor Single Trumpet Train Car Truck Boat

Types: Sliver
Sale price$44.95

★POWERFUL AND LOUD - The Audew single horn blares out a loud and powerful warning. The two durable trumpets can produce sound as loud as 185DB. The great powerful sound catches everyone's attention.
★PREMIUM QUALITY - The Rokcar single horn is constructed out of premium quality material to ensure maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage.
★VERSATILITY - The Rokcar single horn can be mounted on any application that has a 12V DC power available. With a polished red compressor and shiny chrome horn they cast an eye-catching appearance on any vehicle mounted.
★AFFORDABLE - The Rokcar single horn is designed for customers looking for a loud and affordable air horn. The build quality is great and totally worth it for a very affordable price.
★EASY INSTALLATION - The Rokcar single horn is easy to install. It is flexible and portable so it has the reflexes to take from one car to another easily. The horn kit includes basic mounting hardware and hose.

1.Small size but powerful volume and tuned train horn sound
2.Great sound quality, extremely stable frequency
3.Long service life, reliable working performance
4.Fitting for 12/24V DC Vehicles including Motorcycle,Cars, Trucks, Buses, and Boats
5.Easy to installation only need to simply mounted on your air compressor,includes basic mounting hardware and hose.
6.This train horn can fit in almost any vehicle , but deliver the big sound you need .

Specification :
Condition : Single Trumpet
Material : Chrome Plated ZINC Trumpets(Non-Rusting)
Package Dimensions : 17.7"L x 3.7"W x 3.9"H
Trumpet Lengths : 16.9"
Trumpet Diameter: 3.7"
Air Tube Length: 14.6"
DB output : 185.2 db
Frequency HZ of horn : 680HZ

Package includes:
1 * train horn for car
1 * compressor
1 * air hose
1 * mounting hardware kit
1 * relay
1 * wired relay plug

If you can't dismantle the bumper or have some knowledge of electric or mechanism, we suggest you go to the AUT parts store for professional help (so do other brands of train horns ).

Please note the kind of horn is suitable for 12V/24V vehicles.

The train horns kit source should be directly introduced from the air reservoir to achieve better sound quality: the air reservoir must discharge water frequently to affect the service life of the solenoid valve.


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