VACCAP Volcano Flame Humidifier Oil Jellyfish Aroma Diffuser Spray

Color: Blue flame
Electrical outlet: US
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Volcano Aromatherapy Essential Oil Humidifier

  • This humidifier uses ultrasonic vibrations rather than normal heat to make mist. It atomizes water and oil through ultrasonic vibrations which can make a perfect vapor that preserves the integrity and original therapeutic properties of the oils.


1. Simulation flame lighting effect.
2. Healing jellyfish smoke ring effect.
3. Aromatherapy soothes sleep and stress.
4. Delicate mist remove the dryness.
5. Smart 2/8 hours timing settings.
6. Automatic power off when water is used up.
7. Ultra-silent work does not disturb sleep and work.

  • The new Volcanic Lava Design. (Check Color Variants).

  • Two Spray Modes

Imperial Essential® Volcano Humidifier – imperialessential

  • Two Different Colours

  • With unique noise reduction technology, the noise of the diffuser can be controlled below 36dB. 

Imperial Essential® Volcano Humidifier – imperialessential

  • Just focus on your stuff, no worry about the humidifier. It will stop working once the water runs out which keeps fire away and protects your family


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