360 DigiEye Wifi Camera, Motion Detect Cam, Baby & kids Cam, IP Wifi Camera, 4X Digital Zoom 2MP Network CCTV Surveillance

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Protect Your Family and Property

Keep your home or business secure with the 360 Digieye WiFi Camera. This innovative security camera offers full 360-degree coverage and can be accessed remotely via WiFi, allowing you to keep an eye on your property from anywhere. With advanced motion detection technology and smartphone alerts, you'll always be aware of any activity on your property.

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        šŸ“¹How Does The Camera works?

        The smartĀ outdoor camera is a latest solution to offer security for our families and homes.Ā After a simple andĀ simple installationĀ the camera records in HD either at night or daytime.Ā It's intended to be practical. So all you have to do is put it where you want it to be that it canĀ automatically track and register everythingĀ that moves, and will notify you of any movement it occurs.Ā There's more that it comes with a two-way audio system that is integrated, so you can speak to the thief to get him to flee at the same time you are notified and not have to go home or wait for police to arrive!

        šŸ“¹Smart Wifi Connection

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        The WiFi ip cameraĀ can easily connect to your office or home WiFis network which allows you to view your video anywhere you have Internet access.Ā With the user-friendly app that is available on both iOS and Android and Android, you'll beĀ in a position to stream live video.Ā DigiEye lets office and home monitoring at-the-go easy for anyone.Ā Compatible with nearly all routers.Ā Supports 2.4G wireless band (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) (5Ghz not available).Ā The option of connecting to the network cable is also available for locations which are not within the reach of the WiFi router.

        šŸ“¹Smart Auto Tracking:

        DigiEyeā„¢ Outdoors WiFi Camera ā€“ Equin

        The Vaccap Smart Camera automatically tracks the object that is moving, such as pets, body and then centers the moving object in the camera all the time.Ā It automatically returns the "pre-setting location" to guard the object for 10 seconds after there is no movement or presence.

        šŸ“¹Motion Detect Notifications

        You'll receive alerts right to your mobile via the app whenever motion is identified.Ā High-sensitivity and wide-angle motion sensor provides virtually none false alarms.Ā Human movements cannot pass through your eyes without notice.Ā You don't have to look at video clips on your computer constantly.Ā Be aware of hidden dangers or better care for children, the elderly, and pets.

        šŸ“¹Full HD 1080p Resolution

        Is it difficult to discern the number of the license plate that was stolen?Ā Do you not be able to see the faces of the destructor?Ā You'll be able to see every detailĀ using this 1080p High-Definition Advanced Glass Lens that uses it's H.264 High Profile compression technology. This is the smallest code rate and the highest quality image.Ā It can also be used for recording video that is rapid forward, backward and playback.

        šŸ“¹Panoramic Camera

        As compared to the older version of the camera with fixed angles, DigiEye offers 320deg horizontal and 120deg vertical rotation that covers all regions.Ā Simply switch the phone's screen to enable angle switching.Ā You can manage the direction via the phone's.Ā 4x Digital zoom lets you to zoom in andĀ view distant objectsĀ in greater detail without sacrificing image quality. You can also zoom out for an even larger and wider view.

        Wireless Security Cameras Outdoor, 1080P HD Surveillance WiFi Camera with 7 LED, IP66 Waterproof IP Camera, Night Vision, Infrared IR Cam, Two-way Intercom, Motion Detection

        Different from other security cameras DigiEye Smart Camera configured with three wide-angle infrared lamps and four bright LED lights. You will get vivid night vision videos even in darkness.Ā The night video appears to be exactly the same as daytime.Ā You can say goodbye to dark and black night vision. High-quality, ultra-clear image clarity makes it easy to recognize every aspect of live video.

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        DigiEye Smart CameraĀ equipped IP66 weatherproof enclosureĀ The IP66 level waterproof rating, makes it the perfect choice for outdoor surveillance requirements,.Ā It will protect every inch of your house throughout every season with our outdoor security WiFi camera.

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        The built-in microphone is responsive of the security camera for outdoor use allows you to chat and listen via our application.Ā Two-way audio lets you talk to your friends who are welcome and motion-detection alarms will get rid of unwanted visitors or animals.

        šŸ“¹AutomaticallyĀ Ā Loop Recording 24/7

        DigiEye lets you record loops automatically and no need to fret about storage space.Ā It supports up to 128GB Micro SD Card to backup local files and cloud storage services.Ā You can select one or both options to save your footage and eliminate the possibility of losing your footage on the card.

        The EagleEye Camera is not powered by batteries and includes an adapter to power.Ā Continuous recording throughout the day without being impacted by cold and hot weather or having to worry about running out battery.

        šŸ“¹Package Includes:

        • 1x Outdoor Wifi Camera
        • 1x Screw Pack
        • 1x User manual
        • 1x Screwdriver
        • 1x 12V2A Power Adapter

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