3D Mask Bracket

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The 3D Mask Bracket will be your favorite accessory when wearing a mask

Wearing the mask for an extended time can cause breathing difficulties. Masks may fog up glasses and ruin the makeup. Our new patented 3D Mask Frame makes it easy to avoid all of this! Wearing a mask is Easy and Comfortable with our 3D Mask Frame!

The 3D Mask Frame creates more breathing room between your mouth and the mask. You will feel much cooler and breathe much easier with a face-mask on.

Breathe Easier While Wearing The Mask

Wearing a mask has become a requirement in many countries and states but not all of us can wear a mask comfortably. People who have low oxygen may find wearing a mask is like gagging them and blocking their airways and this can be very distressing.
3D Mask Frame will help alleviate these problems! It sits inside your existing mask and it prevents the fabric from blocking your airways and therefore prevents the gagging feeling and of course, stops that little irritating nose tickle.


Avoid Foggy Glasses While Wearing The Mask

With the help of the 3D frame, the exhaled air passes evenly through the surface of the mask and is not pushed from the upper edge of the mask behind the glasses


Ideal Saver for Makeup

As it holds the mask away from your lips, your lipstick stays perfect! Protect your perfect makeup from being messed up.

Extends the Life of the Mask


Because the mask is away from the mouth, it does not wet as quickly and can be used for longer.

It is Washable and Reusable

The mask is made of food-grade silicone. It's 100% safe, washable and reusable. If the face mask bracket is dirty, you can easily wash it by water.

Suitable for Various Face Masks

Ideal for the disposable mask, cloth mask, and homemade fabric mask.



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