Fuel Filter 5 8x24, 1 2 28 Solvent Trap; Napa 4003 Oil Wix 24003 Monocore Gas Adapter inline Replacement

Size: Thread Adapter 5-8-24 to 1-2-28
Thread: 5-8-24
Style: 1
Sale price$20.95

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5 8 24, 1 2 28 fuel filter solvent trap 7075 Aluminium wix 24003 Oil/Gas Stainless Stail Filters 

1-28 5/8-24 car fuel filter to NAPA 4003 WiX 24003 6,10, and 12 inches

You can prolong the life of your car by stopping pollutants from causing damage to it.

Utilize the VACCAP fuel filters to ensure your vehicle remains in top condition.

Created By Advanced Technology Nano-Filter 
Remove dust, solvents, moisture, and other contaminants that can harm your vehicle with rev filter. Rev Filter. Utilizing high-end nano-filtration technologies, the Rev Filter has the ability to remove even the finest of pollutants.

filters particles
This filter was designed in order to capture solvents and oils during cleansing.
It assists in removing the moisture and particles that could cause damage to the engine as well as the gas system.

Eliminates impurities such as the dust or iron oxide off the fuel. It prevents the formation of clogs in your fuel tank.

Car Oil Fuel Filter For Napa 4003 WIX - 1/2-28 5/8-24

Built with Material Durable
This fuel filter of 100 micron is specifically designed to filter out fuel effectively in large volumes. Built from 7075 aluminium alloy. Rev Filter robust, sturdy, and has anti-corrosion characteristics. It will last on the life of your car!

Easy To Remove And Install
The filter is extremely simple to set up and to remove. The filter comes with a hose that is lockable and an elastic closure to the cap for easier inspection and removal.

High Efficiency
Utilizes nanofiber technology for filtration. Through the entire filter you can anticipate maximum performance from the filter.

Enhances Car Performance
It doesn't just take out impurities and particles in the fuel. It also aids in improving car performance by providing powerful acceleration, horsepower, and torque.

To have a more enjoyable driving experience and longer life, consider Vaccap
Ideal for a fuel filter and dryer, or and a cleaner.

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Features :
Great for a fuel filter.
New tube made from 7075 Aluminum.
End Cap made from 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum with 1/2-28 or 5/8-24
New unique designed by our team with Spiral Pattern filter element made from 7075 Aluminum Center Marked.
Heavy Duty: since it’s a solid piece.
Reliability: fewer moving/shifting parts.
Maintenance: it’s easier to take apart/clean.
Accountability: no small parts to get lost。

Fuel Type: fuel filter
Surface Finish: Titanium
Material: 7075 Aluminum
Thread: 1/2-28 fuel filter or 5 8 24 fuel filter 
Color: black 
Overall Length of 6 inch 10 inch 12 inch

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