990 Mile Outdoor HD TV Antenna UHF VHF 4k, Long Range Tv Antenna. Outdoor

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This Long Range Digital Outdoor TV Antenna is able to pick up channels from up to 990 miles away, giving you the benefit of all your favorite channels in faultless quality!

You can watch a multitude of TV channels in ultra HD and 4K quality using this long range antennaYou can also control the positioning of the outdoor antenna using the remote control so you can choose the direction where the best signal is picking up from.

This long distance digital TV antenna comes with a long cable that stretches out to about 30 feet long, so you you'll be able to easily attach it to the top of your house or building.


EASY TO INSTALL: This outdoor TV antenna is very straight forward to install as all you need to do is attach the long cable provided to the top of your house and connect it to the receiver

WEATHER-PROOF: Thanks to its durable materials of aluminum and plastic, the outdoor digital antenna is 100% weatherproof and can function under even the most rainy conditions

STRONG CONNECTION - Equipped with a strong antenna, the outdoor tv antenna is able to capture signals from far away. In fact, this digital tv antenna can even detect signals from 990 miles away.


1. Brand: Leadzm
2. Model: TA-001
3. Frequency: VHF:45-230MHz / UHF:470-860MHz
4. Gain: 15dBi/22dBi
5. Impedance: 75 Ω
6. Standing Wave Radio: <2.5
7. Channel: UHF21-69 for Digital Signals
8. Reception Range: 990 Miles
9. Color: Black
10. Dimensions: (28.66 x 27.75 x 18.79)"
11. Material: Plastic & Aluminum
12. Wire Length: 8m


1x Outdoor Antenna
1x Remote Control
1x Power Box
1x Instruction
1x Coaxial Cable

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