Adults Portable Folding Shower Bathtub

Color: Pink
Sale price$275.95

Adults Portable Folding Shower Bathtub

Enjoy your own personal portable bathtub in the comfort of your bathroom! This portable tub allows you to experience the pleasure of having a bathtub at home without worrying about space limitations.

Designed specifically as a portable bathtub for adults, this foldable bathtub has a spacious and comfortable interior. In addition to that, this collapsible bathtub also comes with a cushioned headrest and shower hole for maximum comfort and convenience.

Made with eco-friendly material, this folding bathtub is non-toxic and gentle to our skin. Moreover, the portable tub comes with a tub cover that serves as a table and an insulator to keep the water warm.

This foldable bathtub for adults is perfect for people with limited bathroom space but who wish to experience the benefits of having a bathtub. In addition, our portable bathtub has been designed so that it can fold neatly and fit neatly into a small space.




Material: PP, TPE

Color: Blue, Pink

Load bearing: 300kg

Size: 138x62x52 cm / 54.3x24.4x20.5 in


Package Content:

1 x Portable Tub