Baby Shower Hat

Color: Yellow
Sale price$12.99

all the products are manufactured with premium materials in a continuous effort to produce high quality products that are protective and simple.


Adjustable bath hat for kids ,children,etc.There are 4 sizes you can adjust, you can choose a comfortable size for your lovely kid.
When washing hair for baby, water will not run to the face. ·No need to close eyes when washing hair.




  • Facilitate bathing time and keep your little one s tear free with this ergonomically designed bath visor. Enhance your baby's showering experiences and block shampoo and water from entering his/her ears , eyes or mouth. No more nagging. No more tears. No more frust ration
  • Having a hard time in giving your baby a proper bath? Struggling with a screaming toddler and water pools all over the floor? Make bathing time feel like a walk in the park again, even for the most rebellious kids out there. Keep water splashes, shampoo and soap away
  • Explore the endless uses of our baby visor cap today and have some fun. Ideal for bathing and showering time of course, perfect for hair trimming, cutting and styling as well. Works great for indoor and outdoor use, sun bathing, beach excursions, splishing and splashing by the pool, traveling and more.
  • It protects your baby or toddler's eyes from shampoo and water when washing
  • Featuring an anatomic and elastic ring, this baby bath visor is fully adjustable. Ensure a comfy , leak proof and soft fi t no matter what and eliminate the tight fitting hat awkwardness. We know how sensitive and delicate your kid's head is! Adjust the straps as much as you want to achieve the perfect fit.


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