Spa Bath Pillow

Color: Mesh bath pillow
Sale price$30.99

Treat yourself to a hot, relaxing bath and rest your head on this soft and comfortable bath pillow. This soft and luxurious pillow is waterproof and it has a suction in the back preventing it from slipping into the water. Create a spa experience at home with this comfortable pillow.


color: white
size: 37*34*10cm / 14.57*13.39*3.94in
weight: 400g
material: mesh/sponge


Spa Bath PillowSpa Bath Pillow


Bath Tub Suction Cup Pillow has 6 Strong Suckers, which can be firmly attached to the tub wall. Simply fix the suction cup. Press all the suction cups hard to stick the pillow.
Spa Bath PillowSpa Bath Pillow

Suckers can be firmly fixed to the tub. Simply suck up the suction cup and place it in the desired position. Press hard to hold all suckers. To remove it, do not remove the pillow from the bathtub with force, but rather gently peel off the suction cups from side.

Spa Bath Pillow