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Fuse fun and fitness for your furry friend with AgileParcour!

Dog Agility Training Equipment


  • Engage Your Pet - Spend quality time with your dog in a whole new way by teaching your fluffy buddy to jump over hurdles! Dogs are smart and love to learn, so teaching them new tricks is a great way to strengthen your bond. This works with kids, too!
  • Make Exercise Fun - Dogs are active animals and need interesting and enjoyable ways to use their energy. AgileParcour will make sure that your dogs get the exercise that they need, and watching them work towards fitness will encourage you to do the same, too!
  • Customize Your Tracks - With 3 sets of hurdles of adjustable height that you can space as close together or as far apart as you want, you'll get the perfect difficulty level for your dog, and you can increase the difficulty over time. Also, you can add other types of equipment for a more comprehensive exercise routine!
  • High-Quality Material - Made of durable polymers so that your dog will never have to skip workouts.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee - Not happy with the product? Just send it back and you will get all your money back - no questions asked.

    Dimensions: 29.5 inch (100 cm) poles, 9 x 12 inch (23 x 30 cm) cones

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