Best Dog Nail Clipper With Quick Sensors, with Sensor, LED Night and Nail Catcher, Safe & Easy To Trim Your Dog's Nails

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Pet Nail Clipper makes sure that you are able to cut your pet's nails without putting yourself at risk of injuries or discomfort for your pet.

The extremely bright LED light ensures you will be able to see precisely the area you'll must cut.

Live in Harmony with Your Pet


Do not suffer from painful over-cutting or expensive trips to the vet using this nail trimmer that is so simple to utilize.

LED illuminates the delicate bloodline, ensuring you'll cut the proper place while cutting.

Nails with black spots can be difficult to identify and that's why you should take a look at the nail from the side, and once you can see a small dark circle, that's the farthest you need to be.

Slices Even The Toughest Nails


Absolute safety, without the worry of harm your pet.

With a guard that will keep your cats and dogs against "Over-trimming" and also a safety locks for storage that is easy.

Super-light and non-slip rubber handles that provide an easy grip and convenience when traveling.

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