Car Floor Mats for Auto All Weather Rubber Liners Heavy Duty Fit Black 3pc Pack

Sale price$42.95

  • Heavy Duty Gear - BDK Provides All Season Weather Protection - The Highest Quality At the Lowest Consumer Prices
  • Completely Renews Your Auto Interior with Trimmable Premium Rubber Mats - Stain Resistant - Fitted Look - Easy to Clean - Durable and Flexible
  • Features Anti-Slip Backing to Prevent Slippage, Ridges and Nibs Design to Hold in Water and Loose Dirt for Easy Removal
  • Extra High Ridgeline Design - Protects Against Spills, Stains, Dirt and Debris as well as Rain, Snow, Mud, Sleet
  • Measurements: (2) Front Mats 28.75" X 18.5" , Rear (Liner) 57.9" X 17" - Trimmable to fit most Sedans, Crossovers, SUVs, Trucks and Vans

All Season Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mat Set

Protect your vehicle's flooring by catching spills, stains, dirt and debris that other floor mats can miss. These mats are durable and long lasting and will withstand normal wear and tear.

Heavy Duty All Season Weather Protection

Our waterproof floor mats help trap spillage such as rain. Helps to keep your flooring dry which in turn can prevent mildew.

Extra High Ridge-line Design

The extra high ridge line design will trap liquids and debris preventing them from reaching your original flooring. The trapped debris can easily be expelled by removing the mat and rinsing it off. This works especially well for rainy and/or snowy climates.

Strong Anti-Slip Backing

These mats are designed with an anti-slip backing. This helps to prevent the mats from slipping under pedals while driving. It keeps the mat in place as you get in and out of your vehicle.

Durable Material

Our material is an extremely flexible material used in new rubber floor mats for vehicles. These mats are very durable and can withstand various weather conditions such as extreme heat or extreme cold. They will not melt in high heat and will not crack in severe cold. This soft and flexible material provides for a long-lasting floor mat unlike other non-flexible mats that can crack under extreme conditions.

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