10 Pcs Child Safety Lock Protection Kids safety lock for toddlers

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  • BABY SAFETY- Instantly childproof almost anything without drilling, gives you the security needed to keep your baby away from danger from kitchen, cabinets, drawers, Oven, dishwasher and so on.
  • PETS PROOFING – Save your spices, snacks for being dumped all over the kitchen by your cats, keep your dogs out of trash instead of having to out the whole can on the counter or hiding in another room.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Clean the surface to make sure it is out of dust before stick the safety locks, press the locks lightly for 30s and then do not touch it for 24h to strengthen adhesiveness. Heat the locks with a hair dryer for 3-5 mins for removing.
  • EXCELLENT ADHESION – Strength 3M adhesive bonds to all material and stays secure until ready to take it off, which is easy and leaves no damage or any residue. Please do not touch sticker by hand during installation or reuse it that weak the adhesive.
  • MULTI APPLICATION – Baby safety locks fit for most of furniture and electric appliances, such as doors, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, cabinets, drawers, windows, close stool and so on.


The Safety 1st Multi Purpose Lock is ideal for making sure those off limits cupboards and appliances stay locked away from curious little hands. The lock is very easy to install, simply secure each end with the attached adhesive around the opening of the door and the flexible strap will hold the door closed.

To remove the lock, simply squeeze the two grey buttons. Simple for you, tough for your little ones.

Great for use on; cupboards, oven doors, single door fridges, dishwashers, tumble dryers, microwaves, freezers (standard or chest opening and more.


10 Pcs Safety Locks




  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Squeeze buttons to remove
  • Will work on a large range of cupboards and appliances


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