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Color: C Pink with box
Sale price$34.95

Enjoy Hours of Drawing

The Kids Drawing Projector Table will keep your child occupied for hours while bringing out their inner artist with easy to trace art. Makes the perfect gift for all kids.

It’s super easy to use your child will have no trouble with it! You can use the device to project images on the board for the child to trace, which can help them learn how to draw creatures and vehicles.


The drawing projector board helps young children train and develop their sketching skills. The device allows for wonderful variety so that kids can learn how to draw cool and cute animals, sea creatures, vehicles, and spaceships! It's a fine toy that delivers skill education and creative enjoyment. Help your child explore their artistic side. 

Turn down the lights, switch on the projector, insert a preprinted slide and trace away. The projector folds flat for easy storage.