Cholesterol Home Test Kit 3 In 1 Monitor Set

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No more doctor’s appointments and lab visits. Those days of waiting hours or even days for your lab results are over.

We really understand how exhausting it is to visit your doctor every time you need to test your glucose, cholesterol, uric acid, etc., So to make it easy for you, we've launched this amazing 3-in-1 cholesterol home test kit on the market, so you can keep track of your cholesterol levels and take care of your health.

This 3-in-1 Blood test kit is easy to use and can check your blood sugar, glucose, uric acid, and cholesterol levels. Too high or too low levels of these can be dangerous to your health, and this device will help you maintain a healthy balance.

What make this cholesterol test kit one of the most innovative on the market is how fast it is, because it provides the results in 7 seconds only! All it takes is your 0.7 microliter of blood, and you're good to go. It is quite quick and painless.

"This Cholesterol Home Test Kit Is The Perfect Device That You Should Have At Home So Don't Think Twice And Buy It Now!"

This kit has 4 different moods to record your glucose value. It is one of the most convenient tools that you can use to manage your Diabetes and other health problems. The best part is that you can take it with you everywhere you go, so you can check cholesterol at home in the easiest way.

It is also perfect for aged people as the display is larger as compared to other monitors. It shows the results clearly and is very convenient for old people to read. It also has an auto strips recognition function that will recognize the strips instantly once inserted.

This cholesterol home test kit is a must have if you are looking for an easy and simple way to take care of your health! So don't hesitate to try it!

How To Use Home Cholesterol Test Kit


At home cholesterol test monitor

Cholesterol home test kit Features

  •  Easy to use.
  •  Quick and true results.
  •  Advanced electrochemical biosensor technology.
  •  Portable.
  •  Ideal to have at home, offices, clinics, or hospitals.
  •  Different units of measurement.
home cholesterol test kit

Package contains

Please chose your package : 

Cholesterol Test Pack

  • 1x Cholesterol meter.
  • 1x Lancing device
  • 1x Pack Cholesterol test strips.
  • 1x Pack of lancets

Uric acid Test Pack

  • 1x Cholesterol meter.
  • 1x Lancing device
  • 1x Pack Uric test strips.
  • 1x Pack of lancets

3 in 1 Test Pack

  • 1x Cholesterol meter.
  • 1x Lancing device
  • 1x Pack Cholesterol test strips.
  • 1x Pack of Uric acid
  • 1x Pack of Uric Blood Glucose
  • 1x Pack of lancets
home cholesterol test kit

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