Face Coin Eating Bank, Funny Face Bank, Money Eating Piggy Box, Kids Savings Box

Color: pink
Sale price$27.95

Save Your Money in a Unique & Fun Way!

Don’t you love saving money? This unique Coin Eating Face Bank will not only help you to save money but also can freak anyone out with its creepy appearance. With this add a creepy vibe in your house.

The face bank is a uniquely designed piggy bank that literally eats your money! It’s fun for kids because the mouth moves as you put your hand close to it. It's the savings bank that will make them want to save more. They'll be running around the house searching for coins to "Feed" their face bank. Also makes for a great office and/or reception desk novelty.

Coin Eating Face Bank Helps You to Save Money So Can Spend That Money in Any Kind of Emergency Situation


  • MOTION ACTIVATED SAVINGS BANK: The coin eating face bank will open its mouth automatically once you reach your hand to feed it a coin. Fits almost every type of standard coin. Such as- Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, Pennies and more.

  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The size of this face bank is perfect for any desk or nightstand. Also, you can bring it in your bags. Long operating life and only requires 2 AA batteries.

  • FUN & UNIQUE: The face bank is a unique piggy bank that helps your kids to save money and provide hours of fun. It’s a wonderful gift for a birthday, Halloween and Christmas Day.

  • EASY TO USE: You can open the face bank easily without any hassle. Also, it has a very sleek and appealing look. Every kid and adults will love it.

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