Comfortable Neck Boob Tata Towel Bra

Color: Pink
Size: S
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You’ll never have to worry about boob sweat ever again wearing this Comfort Towel Bra!

  • This Ta Ta Towel Bra is a terrycloth invention that prevents boob sweat, keeps your chest in place without annoying straps and wires on a bra, and looks like a ridiculously chill garment to wear around the house while watching your favorite TV show shirtless!

  • It’s a towel made from 100% cotton that easily slings over your neck and holds your ladies up in any season!

  • Feeling uncomfortable and irritated by breast sweat? Sometimes, you may find it embarrassing, right? 

Our Towel Bras are basically a wire-free towel for your boobs. It perfectly wraps your chest, covers, and hangs your breasts when it’s hot and you’re shirtless. It provides you a comfortable and safe feeling whenever you’re at the gym or indoors.

  • EASY TO USE: Just sling the towel over your neck, it holds your boobs up without the fear of sweat trickling down.
  • MAKES YOU FEEL FREE AND COMFY: A basically supportive wire-free towel for your boobs, providing you with comfortable and safe protection wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.
  • SOLVES SWEATY BOOBS AND BREASTMILK LEAKAGE: Comfortable and easy to put on and off, also great for everyday nursing use. It can absorb breast milk leak-outs.
  • WIDE USAGE: Whether you are in the gym or outdoors, this bra towel will provide you with comfortable and safe protection, to avoid the discomfort of chest sweating.
  • SEXY AND POPULAR: Different from the traditional bra, you can enjoy a sense of freedom without wearing underwear.


  • Crafted with Cotton Velvet fabrics for feather-like softness and gorgeous sheen.
  • Practically wire-free for absolute comfort.
  • A halter-style bra to keep your back off of that pesky bra straps.
  • It comes in sizes S, M, and L.
  • Available in colors Black, Dark Brown, Lake Blue, Light Camel, Light Pink, Rose Red, White, and Yellow.

Size chart:

  • S – Lenght: 98cm/38.6” |  Back Collar width: 4cm/1.6” | Cup: C-DD
  • M – Lenght: 100cm/39.4” |  Back Collar width: 4cm/1.6” | Cup:  DDD-E
  • L– Lenght: 102cm/40.2” |  Back Collar width: 4cm/1.6” | Cup: F-H

Package includes:

  • 1* boob sling

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