Ultrasonic Deer Repeller, Safe Repellent plants Solar Powered Deterrent

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Are you tired of Deer in your garden?

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With our professional ready-to-use device, deer will leave the area permanently.

Inaudible to humans, the box emits targeted ultrasounds against deer, scaring them away as soon as it is installed with a cone-shaped field of action of 8 to 9 meters in front of the repellent.

You will notice the difference as soon as you install it.

☀️ Eco-friendly and Independent 

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The device does not require any particular installation and can be placed or hanged. It is delivered with a stand that can be placed directly in the ground.

Powered by solar energy you can just leave it in your garden and let it keep the deer away for you, storing enough energy to run for up to 7 days in the dark.

Say goodbye to the chemical sprays that are often ineffective.

🌧️ Weather-resistants 

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The powerful solar panel will save you precious time and money. It will automatically recharge itself even on days with low sunlight, so you won't have to recharge it.


You won't need to use dangerous chemicals anymore. This professional deer repellent offers a humane way to get rid of deer so you can enjoy a green and healthy garden.

🔈 100% SILENT : 

This ultrasonic box is totally silent, because its frequency is undetectable by the human ear. It will keep deer away without disturbing your children or your neighbors.

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