100Pcs Takesumi Detox Foot Pads, deep cleansing foot pads

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Improve Quality of Sleep

Do you wish to get a better night's sleep? Maybe also go to sleep for 8 hours with no having to wake up every hour? You need the detox foot patches! They ease tension, revitalize the skin, and help you to live an ideal clean, energizing, and clean life style. Cleanse your body naturally!

Help to reduce stress, anxiety and Fatigue

These patches consist out of 100% natural and active ingredients that help eliminate harmful toxic substances and boost your mental and physical health. These patches can dramatically boost your mood and decrease inflammation in just between 10 and 14 days!

Traditional Medicine receives a Modern Update.

This is the most effective way to improve your health and lifestyle! The foot patches that detoxify are created using 100% organic and organic herbs that are like those found in the remote East Asian mountainsides.

These foot patches are revolutionary and can greatly improve your health by helping to eliminate toxic body waste.

Toxin buildup could cause:
Brain Fog
Muscles that are stressed Aches
Inability to contain

The ingredients are carefully chosen and natural. Green Approach.

Our foot patches are made up of natural herbs that originate from in the far East Asian mountains. Bamboo vinegar and ginger powder are believed to cleanse your body and boost your mood.

Based on Asian wisdom that the human body is home to more than 360 acupuncture points including more than 60 located in the soles your feet. The products we offer Deep Cleaning Foot Patches blend the well-known Asian methods with a modern and modern design!

It's Never Been This It Was This Easy To Begin And Be Consistent.

Improve your life immediately and you will never be tired again!

First step: The patch should be placed on the middle of the foot. The soft part of the patch must be in contact with the skin.

Step 2. Place the patch to the opposite foot or another area of your body that you want to eliminate the toxins out of.

Step 3. The patches should be left on for between 6 and 8 hours. It is advised that you apply the patches prior going to bed.

step 4: Take off the stickers after about 6-8 hours usage. Take your feet off and relax and enjoy your better well-being.

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