DIY Magic Hair Curler Set

Variant: Roller 18pcs 30cm
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Get the prettiest curls with no hair damage!

✅ Impress your friends and colleagues with your new appealing look. Our curler set curls hair naturally without heating.

✅ No heat, No damage - No more split ends, your hair will stay healthy and beautiful.

✅ The high-quality material stretches well and is very durable. You can use our curl set repeatedly for a long time.

✅ Easy to use. Simply pull a small section of hair through the curler with a stick. Wait 30-60 minutes. For a more intensive result, you may want to moisturize your hair before curling.

✅ There are 2 different versions - Roller and Waves. Both versions are available in different lengths. Choose the one that matches your hair length.


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