5 in 1 Air Wrap Complete Hair Styler, Professional Swift Curler Dryer Brush, Multifunctional Dupe Airflow Tool

Style: 5 in 1 Air Wrap
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Perfect Any Hairstyle In Minutes

Curl. Wave. Smooth. Dry. With no extreme heat


Airwrap Complete Hair Styler Curler (5-In-1) – Ultibela

With barrels to curl or wave hair, and brushes to smooth and volumise. The Airwrap hair styler harnesses the Coanda effect- to style and dry hair without any extreme heat damage.

5 different attachments engineered for multiple hair types


Attracts and wraps hair using air

5in1 Hairstyler, Dyson Airwrap, 5-in-1 Lockenstab, 5-in-1 Haartrockner –  HelloCutie

The Airwrap styler harnesses an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect, It curves air to attract hair to the barrel. Styling with air, not extreme heat.

Coanda to smooth and add volume


Magic AirWrap - 5 In 1 Hair Styler - GoScrooge
The brushes attract hair to the surface, propelling air along the strands to mimic a stylist’s blow-dry technique.



The digital motor V9

Spinning at up to 110,000rpm, it generates 3.2kPa of air pressure – enough to create the Coanda effect.

Intelligent heat control

Measures airflow temperature over 40 times a second, keeping the temperature under 302°F to prevent extreme heat damage.

Three air speeds

High for fast drying and styling. Medium for regular styling. And low for longer sessions.

Three heat settings

High, medium and cool to suit your styling and hair type.

Cold shot

82°F cold shot, to set your hair after styling.

Dries and styles simultaneously

Combining moisture in your hair with powerful airflow and controlled heat, it can style and dry, with no extreme heat.

Useful tips


Make your style last longer

Always start with damp hair and set your final style with a cool shot to seal it in. Add styling product to maximize longevity.


Wet or damp hair

All 3 brushes can be used on wet hair, but the barrels work best on damp hair. Use the Pre-styling dryer to dry hair before styling with the barrels.


Create root lift

Use the barrels horizontally to create more volume at the roots.


Sectioning hair

Dividing your hair into 4-6 sections can make styling easier and sure you do not miss any bits.

Five in one hot air comb hair dryer

Product List:

  • 1× curling iron
  • 1× Pre-shaped sealing mouth
  • 1× Hard and smooth comb
  • 1× Half round comb
  • 1× Suction comb (left rotation)
  • 1× Suction comb (right rotation)




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