Ergonomic Lumbar Support Cushion Pillow - Cushiony Memory Foam Pillow For Comfort Lumbar Support

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Eliminate Backpain in 1 week

If you're spending a lot of time sitting in traffic, or at home, you could have back discomfort. This is because the shoulders of your back are leaning forward , or your spine isn't straight. This Lumbar and the Back Support Cushion are the solution!

Memory Foam Cushion Material

Quality, durable Memory Foam Fits Perfectly to Your Back to Provide maximum comfort and back support. It's extremely light, which helps it be more convenient to move around. It is possible to utilize it in your office, car or other rooms within your home.

Why do you need a Lumbar Support Pillow?


If you have a poor posture , with an overly pronounced curve, and have constant backache,

The Memory Lumbar Pillow from our collection is highly recommended, particularly in the case of long time spent sitting.

The ergonomic design can help to avoid this by providing support for the muscles. In addition, it helps maintain a healthy posture. A low-stress lumbar cushion can reduce the stress that builds up.

The Most Effective Pain Relief Solution


Lumbar Pillow Lumbar Pillow can relieve pressure by automatically adjusting to the curvature that the body has and provides full support when it is fitted, creating an unnatural and relaxed and relaxed state.

The breathable covers can help keep the air moving to keep your back dry and cool all day long , whether you are driving or sitting.

Flip It Once For Lower or Upper Back Support


The lumbar cushion has been developed to provide greater support for your upper or lower back. Simply flipping it will do the trick. If your shoulders lean toward the forward direction and you have upper back paint then you need to keep the fat portion of your cushion at the lower part of the cushion.

Breathable & Hypoallergenic Mesh Cover


With a machine washable and removable mesh cover This Lumbar Cushion Pillow will keep the air moving and ensure that your back stays cool and comfy.

Dry to have the best experience So sweat and moisture does not fill it up.

It is suitable for all seasons.

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