Gel seat cushion for pressure relief | memory Gel patio outdoor chair cushions

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Relax comfortably and alleviate discomfort with this gel cushion seat support cushion pad.


  • Design for memory in the position

  • Created to ease discomfort

  • Washable

  • Lightweight design

 Gel seat cushion for pressure relief - Cushion support pad -

Cushion support pad

If you are a long-time user of sitting in your home, your vehicle or at work, this gel cushion pad is the perfect accessory for your well-being and posture. It's designed to give all-day comfort.
Simply put it on the top of your chair and watch as its gel center changes to your body.


Ergonomic design

This cushioned seat pad is the ideal ergonomic partner for any chair. Made of an air mesh material with an ointment-proof gel filling it molds perfectly to the contours that your lower. It is designed to provide maximum seated relaxation. The thick 4 cm pad has rounded edges and medical quality Gel memory foam that can provide you with an exceptional experience.


Created to ease the pain

The pad is specifically designed to equally distribute body weight to allow you to concentrate on writing, reading or watching TV without experiencing pain in your hipsand back, and legs. It offers support for both upper and lower body parts and allows you to be at any desk for extended time without feeling tired within your legs.

When used properly This cushion cushion made of gel can ease discomfort when you suffer from arthritis, chronic pain muscles stiffness or pressure on the spine.


Washable and comfortable

Because of it's fluid-based gel-filled the cushion won't cause skin irritation, since it's cool and pleasant to the skin. It is protected by a cover composed of soft and breathable fabric. It's easy to keep it clean since it's washable and removable so that it's clean and fresh. You can wash the gel pad with soap and warm water If you're required to.


Multi-purpose uses

No matter what you're doing This gel seat cushion can make your work more relaxing. It is a perfect fit for any style of chair well, which means it can be used while studying, working or watching films, and in many other scenarios.

Are you planning to travel by vehicle or plane? It's perfect to take it with you since it's small and lightweight. Relax at home and on your way to your health.


Technical characteristics:

  • Size of the item: 38.0 cm in size 30.0 cm in 4.0 cm
  • Color of gel filling: Blue
  • The color of the protective sleeve is: Black
  • Materials: Silicone + Fabric
  • The item's weight is 630 grams.



1 cushion for Gel chairs

1 x Protective Sleeve