Glass bottle cutter, DIY Glass Cutting Machine Tool, Adjustable Glass Recycle Machine

Material: Full Kit
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This Bottle Cutter is an ideal tool for effortless, secure, fast, and accurate cutting of glass bottles. The machine can simultaneously cut all bottles, recycle and make art. It is more stable and easier to use than plastic models. You can cut bottles perfectly in 5 easy steps.


Versatile Use --- This glass bottle cutter is specially designed for cutting various shapes of Bottle like square, round bottle as well as bottle neck of round bottles. With seperation rings for stable cutting, sandpaper and gloves help you smooth the edge safely and easily.
Adjustable Fit Most Bottles --- With width adjustment to 6cm and length adjustment 16cm. You can easily cut any bottle you like with this bottle cutter unless the bottle is embossed.
Easy Operation --- The bottle can be effortlessly fixed on the bottle cutter, the cutting machine can make the bottle stable and firm, so we can cut the bottle more easily without using too much force, you can complete your own works of art in a better way.
DIY Creativity & ECO-Friendly --- With glass bottle cutter you can create easily creative decorations. This will enhance your creative thinking and artistic sense. While decorating your unique and beautiful life, it also contributes to environmental protection, rather than discarding bottles directly.
Prosperous Life --- There are various of DIY activities in our daily lives like making square lamps with square bottles, creating a candle lamp or a vase with round bottles, or cutting the bottom of the bottle with grooves to put into eggs or coins.
Cutting Accessories --- Equiped with gloves and seperation rings for safe and superior bottle cutting, and sandpaper is great in smooth the cutting edge of the bottle, make the craftmaking more beauty, and clear sponge for easy wash. There is a ø6 drill bit can use for drill hole(need drill).

How to use:
1. Place the bottle on the support device, print and rotate
2. Rotate and draw a line.
3. Heat the line over boiling water.
4. Bathing line in cold water alternately three times.
5. The bottle will break apart into two parts and smooth the sharp edges.

Color: Black
Material: Stainless Iron
Cutting Length: 6.5cm to 16cm / 2.6~6.3in
Cutting Diameter: 1.2cm~6cm / 0.47~2.4in
Package Size:23*11*8cm / 9*4.3*3.1in
Package Weight: 601g / 21.2oz

Package List:
1 * Glass Bottle Cutter
1 * Hexagonal Spanner
2 * Glove
1 * ø6 Drill Bit
1 * Sandpaper
4 * Seperation Ring
1 * Sponge Washer

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