Halloween Decor Window Ghost, silhouettes Stickers display

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Halloween Ghost Decoration Window 

Just hang it up on any window in your home to make impressions on friends and family. With holes which are easy to hang, and a slim style that's perfect for hanging it from the windowsill or on doors. The perfect size to let your home feel like a spooky this Halloween. Window Ghost is the option to choose to enjoy this holiday.

At the magical measurements of 31.5” L x 47.2” H, you won’t face any problems with the location of the festivities. Get creative with your placement of this seasonal Halloween décor. Place it on a window in the living room and face it inwards, giving your indoor guests the scare of a lifetime. Coming at this affordable value, check out the rest of the Fun Little Toys Halloween Collection and make the Halloween Window Ghost apart of the entire set.

Each seasonal piece in our set is designed to last you more than just one season too, so don’t be afraid to reuse it. The Window Ghost will be the perfect complement to any of your Halloween decorations.

  • Atmospheric Amazement: The Halloween Window Ghost from Fun Little Toys is a Halloween window decoration destined to have neighbors and friends festively frightened this holiday season
  • Macabre Measurements: Measuring 31.5” inches in width and 47.2” inches high, these scary decorations are perfectly fit for windows in any home
  • Hole-y Holiday Delight: Fit with holes for easy and effortless assembly, the Window Ghost can be hung from windows and taken down in just seconds. Use as a part of your glass window décor or Halloween door decorations, and it’s guaranteed to be no mess, and easy transport
  • Dauntingly Durable: A Halloween door cover this durable is meant to last. Use it from spooky season to spooky season, as this material is going to withstand more than just the normal wear & tear
  • Perfect Party Piece: Whether you’re throwing a Halloween zombie party or a ghoulish monster bash, the Halloween Window Ghost is going to provide the perfect party piece this season
  • Unit Size and Unit Weight:  11.81*11.81*0.39[inch] & 0.3[lbs]

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