Horse Mesh fly Mask, with ear, eye cover & Nose Fringe, pony pal face mask

Color: Black
Sale price$33.95

Air Motion Horse eye cover, Fly Mask with Ear & Nose Fringe

The fly protection mask is tight-fitting and is made from a particularly fine-meshed mesh. Even tiny flies cannot get through this fabric. The material is made of elastic and pleasantly light polyester. This fabric offers the optimal fit and the perfect fit for the horse's head. It is also skin-friendly and very hard-wearing.

horse face cover

Mesh Fly Mask with Nose Fringe & Ears, This fly mask is great for keeping your horse protected from nuisance flies.

Made with airstream ears and fringe at the nose. The movement of the fringe will keep your horse's nose fly-free! Made from fine mesh to allow full vision and be ultra breathable. This fly mask protects against bothersome flies, midges, gnats and other flying bugs. Also provides a barrier against dust and airborne particles. Fleece padding provides a close fit to prevent smaller flies from entering under the mask. Suitable for use in the field, the stable or when traveling. The shaping keeps the veil away from the eyes to greatly improve the fit. Fine Mesh Fly Mask Key Features: airstream ears fringe at the nose allows full vision ultra breathable close fit

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