Human Hair Wigs With Bangs for Women, Headband wig

Stretched Length: 10inches
Color: blonde 613
Sale price$89.84 Regular price$129.36

 Human Hair Wigs

give you celebrity looks in Minutes!! Whether you have short, long, fine hair  wigs can instantly provide you with A complete Different Look without any extra Expenses. They add style and glamour and blend into your own hair. Human Hair Wigs Are All 100% Pure Human Hair And are all cuticles aligned and come in A Natural Texture. 😍

  • These Wigs Are for anyone and they are perfect for people who lost their own hair due to illness or chemotherapy.
  • But even if you have a head full of your own hair, you still can wear this wigs. Just put your own hair up, before putting it on.
  • To put on the headband wig you won’t have to use an adhesive glue or tape, can use clip.
  • It is ok for the wigs to get wet; you can even go swimming with it.

✔️ No Drugs.

✔️ No Surgery.

✔️ 100% Human Hair.

✔️ No Regular Salon Visits. Wigs for Women & men.

✔️ High Degree of Customization.


We’ve been in the biz for a long time now. Long enough to realize the problems with those big retail shops and overpriced retail salons.”

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