Hair Removal Tool Rotary Body Shaver

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Are you looking for an epilator that can give you the smooth, soft skin you deserve? Introducing the Jamba Care ™Hair Removal Tool Rotary Body Shaver! This versatile shaver is perfect for removing hair from your face, legs, bikini area, and even your lips! It comes with two different heads – a trimmer head for longer hairs, and a microfoil head for shorter hairs. Plus, it’s USB rechargeable so you can take it with you wherever you go! The Hair Removal Tool Rotary Body Shaver is the perfect solution for all your hair removal needs!



  1. Long-lasting results: Laser hair removal is a more permanent hair removal solution than other methods such as shaving, waxing, or plucking. After several sessions, the hair may stop growing back altogether.

  2. Saves time and money: While laser hair removal can be more expensive upfront, it saves time and money in the long run compared to constantly buying and using hair removal products.

  3. Less painful than other methods: Unlike waxing or plucking, laser hair removal is relatively painless and doesn't require any recovery time.

  4. Suitable for various body parts: Laser hair removal can be used on various parts of the body, including the face, legs, arms, and underarms.

  5. Improves skin appearance: Laser hair removal can improve the appearance of the skin by reducing hair growth, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps.


Shaving can be a great way to maintain personal hygiene and improve your overall appearance. Here are some motivating reasons to shave:

  1. Smooth skin: Shaving can leave your skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch. This can be a confidence booster and make you feel good about yourself.

  2. Professional appearance: Shaving is often a part of a professional appearance, whether for work or personal reasons. It can show that you take care of yourself and take pride in your appearance.

  3. Comfort: Shaving can be a more comfortable option than having longer hair, especially in hot weather. It can also reduce itching and irritation caused by hair rubbing against the skin.

  4. Hygiene: Shaving can help reduce body odor by removing hair that can trap sweat and bacteria. This can help keep you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day.

  5. Personal preference: Some people simply prefer the look and feel of being clean-shaven, and that's a perfectly valid reason to shave.

 Package Contains:
Hair Touch Shaver x 1 PC;
Trimmer Head x 1 PC;
Microfoil Head x 1 PC;
Adaptor with US, EU, UK, JR, KR or AU Plug x 1 PC;
Clean Brush x 1 PC;
USB Cable x 1PC;
User ManualCx 1 PC;

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