Massage Chair Pad, Back Massager , Shiatsu back massager, Back Massage Pad, Chair back massager , Electric back massager

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Massage Winter Chair Pad

Relax with our Triple Action Massage Chair Cover with Heat

  • Shiatsu Massage , Rolling Massage , and Vibration Massage
  • Relieves Pain, Muscle Tension, and Relaxes Muscles
  • Customizable Remote Control
  • Subtle Heating Element
  • Car Adaptor for on the go massages (yes, you can use in the car!)
  • 7 different massage settings

Massage Chair Pad - Weston Store

Sitting all day can be uncomfortable. Our Back Massage chair relieves pain, muscle tension and will relax you . With out 7 different massage settings and heat, there are options for everyone.

Massage Chair Pad 2.0:

  • 7 different massage settings , including heat.
  • Adjustable in height - can be used by the entire family
  • Who does not want to relax? Great gift for anyone
  • Targeted Massage to get those specific muscles
  • Comfortable with head pillow and adjustable for any size/height
massage chair pad
  • 7 Massage settings- including heat
  •  Adjustable and comfortable for anyone
  • Targets specific areas/ muscles
  • Customized Relief
  • Includes Car adapter for use in the car

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