Menstrual Relief Pad, Heating Pad With 3 Level For Back Or Belly Pain Relief

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Instant relief from pain

The Menstrual Heating Pad. A medication-free solution for pain during menstrual cycles that does the job. The combination of massage and heat therapy reduces cramps and relaxes muscles and helps reduce gastric bloating. It's time to get rid of the medications that can cause dangerous side effects.


HOW it works

Simply tie it to your waist and adjust it to your waist and then feel the immediate relief. The pad can be customized that lets you alter the amount of vibration and heat what you need.


Drug-Free pain relief: No more pills riddled with hidden ingredients and harmful side effects. The relief pad is pain-free.

Comfy & Portable Design: The wireless design allows this waist heating pad to be used not only at home, but in the office, on the way to work, and other places.

Fully Washable: The heating belt is fully washable and works normally even contacting with water. No risk of electric shock, convenient for daily use and cleaning.

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