Metal Detector - Gold & Metals Digger/Finder - Powerful Handheld-Deep Waterproof Coil, LCD, Headphone, Shovel, Backpack

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  • HIGH ACCURACY DISC Can detect all kinds of metal objects. Also, you can set it not to respond to some objects. Waterproof search can be used in shallow water. Features high accuracy and adjusting angle for uneven ground. Different tone you may hear as you detect different metal objects. No need to stare at the screen all the time.
  • POWERFUL LCD DISPLAY You can decide which objects you want to detect or not, and the detected length is 16 cm / 6.3 in, the detected object is shown on the LCD display. LCD with light, easily identity the metal at night or caliginous places. Also has battery condition indicator.
  • HUMANITY DESIGN Easy to use. Arm rest and comfortable grip allows you to use it with little strength. Adjustable stem ranging from 102cm/3.3ft to 130cm/4.2ft, suitable for users of different height.
  • WITH SHOVEL AND HEADPHONE Also comes with one headphone and shovels. Headphone jack is near LCD. Provided for headphone connection, Both stereo and mono headphone can be used. The shovel has two different heads for different use.
  • WIDE APPLICATION For adults and children. Children will be thrilled to playing gold hunting with you. Can be used on any ground, such as grass, soil, beach, yard. Suitable for shallow water.

Key Features

Metal Detector,Waterproof,Underground,

High Sensitive & Waterproof

Large disc with high accuracy and high sensitive can detect any metal objects. Waterproof design can be used on any shallow water.

Metal Detector,Waterproof,Underground,

LCD Control Panel

LCD digital control panel features 8 levels of sensitivity and depth adjustable. It shows the detected objects on the screen. Easy to identity at dark.

Metal Detector,Waterproof,Underground,

Ergonomic Design

This metal detector has arm rest design, comfortable grip. Adjustable stem: 102-130cm/3.3-4.2ft. For people of different height.

Metal Detector,Waterproof,Underground,

Useful Shovel and Headphone

One shovel with two heads, use it according to your need. The headphone is especially useful in noisy area. Using headphone also saves battery power.

Metal Detector,Waterproof,Underground,

Complete Set

Comes with a complete set, including one metal detector, one headphone, one shovel, one shovel bag and the user manual. You can rest assured use.

Metal Detector,Waterproof,Underground,

Wide Application

Widely used in daily life, gold hunting, archaeology, and so on. Can be used on any soil and shallow water.

Metal Detector,Waterproof,Underground,
Metal Detector

Here we offer you this hand metal detector, it is designed to detect the exact location of metal objects. Battery-powered design is super convenient. Waterproof head can be used in any water, lake, river or sea. An ideal tool for treasure hunting, polices and archaeologists.
  • High Accuracy Disc
  • Powerful LCD
  • Humanity Design
  • With Shovel And Headphone
  • Wide Application


  • Material: ABS, Copper, Aluminum Tube
  • Adjustable Length: 102-130cm/3.3''-4.2''
  • Detection Depth: 16 cm / 6.3 in
  • Support Battery: 2×9v(6F22, S006P,)
  • Signal Frequency: 7.5KHz+/-1KHz
  • Sensitivity: At Least 13cm/5.1in
  • Search Coil Dia.: 8''/203mm
  • Net Weight: 3kg/6.6lbs

Package Content

  • 1 x Metal Detector (No Battery Included.).
  • 1 x Headphone
  • 1 x Shovel
  • 1 x User Manual

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