Micro 1080 HD Video Camera | Micro Camera with Audio, FHD Camera

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Micro FHD Video Camera 

Check that Everything is in order


Are you always anxious when you leave your house in the dark for long periods or take a trip and are worried that something could occur? With this small Micro HD Video Camera, it won't be a problem any longer!

In addition to continuing recording in the cameras, it includes a motion detection feature, that largely reduces memory and also extends the recording duration. Don't fret about missing important moments any more.

There is also an overwrite featurethat replaces old data with fresh ones when you've got a microSD card that becomes exhausted.

High Quality Videos Through The Day & Night


The intelligent IR-CUT feature can automatically activate or deactivate the night vision when the change in the environment. It also provides various functions, like the ability to detect motion and record loop videos.

This solves the issue that night vision on conventional cameras must be manually changed. This feature ensures only the most effective video is recorded. This is extremely convenient and helps to reduce memory space.

Simple user interface, one key for accessing the recordings. The other key is used for motion detection, easy to design and simple to use.

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