Military Grade High Powered 50 Mile 532nm USB Rechargeable Green Laser Pointer

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50-mile military-grade laser pointer... maybe a little overkill but whos complaining.

This military-grade laser pointer emits a high-powered sharp green laser, that can be viewed up to 50 miles away.


Rechargeable - The laser pointer comes with a charger so you can have endless fun. 

Safety Lock - The laser beam is so bright and strong that it can be damaging to the eyes. We offer a lock and key to store this laser beam safely.

Light Show - We offer a star cap with a laser beam that can great designs in the air for a full light show!

Fits in the pocket - 15.9 cm by 2.3cm, making it easy to travel within your pocket.


Color: Green

Power supply: 1 x Battery (Included)

Focus mode: Adjustable

Body material: Aerometal

Wavelength: 532nm.

Beam style: Continuous line

Spot size:6M place <φ10mm.

Working voltage: DC=3.0-3.7V.

Preheat time: < 3seconds.

Working temperature: +15℃~+35℃.

Storage temperature: -10℃~+40℃.




1 x Green Laser Pen

1 x Battery

1 x Charger

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