Multifunctional Universal 360° Rotation Mirror Mount Holder Mobile Phone Car Rearview Adjustable

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  differs from the traditional phone holder in that it is installed on the rearview mirror, allowing you to avoid the risk of driving with your head down. Phone holder for car is safe and reliable in any road condition because the sturdy surface can hold your phone and keep it safe on any bumps in the road, allowing you and your phone to drive smoothly and freely in multiple locations. It also saves space and does not obstruct the vent or buttons. Now you can safely use your phone while driving without holding it!

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Adjustable Viewing Angle: A 960-degree rotating head can provide you with the best viewing angle for safe driving and meeting all of your needs. For the best driving experience, you can position your phone in any direction (horizontal, vertical, etc.).

Hidden Design for Safe Driving: Cell phone holder for cars adopts a hidden design. You only need to pull the bracket from the rearview mirror when you need it; when not in use, you can gently push to hide the bracket without interfering with your vision, improving your driving safety.

phone holder for car

Anti-Fall for Strong Protection: Best phone holder for a car has an easily adjustable clamp arm and is simple to assemble. It's in the rearview mirror above the driver's seat in the car, and it's completely fixed and won't fall off. You can put your phone in it without worrying about it falling out.

Lightweight, Portable & Stable: This rearview mirror phone holder is lighter in weight, making it easier to transport, and the strong grip design allows it to hang more securely on the rearview mirror. The dashboard, fans, and cup holders are no longer obscured.

Car Phone Holder

Universal Compatibility: It is compatible with the majority of mobile phones and devices. The clip is designed for rearview mirrors and is found in the majority of models on the market. You can enjoy a safer driving experience while chatting, navigating, listening to music, or charging.


  • Material: ABS, Silicone
  • Compatible Brand: Universal

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