Nail Dryer LED Nail UV Lamp for Curing Gel Nail Máquina para uñas Polish With Motion Sensing Manicure Pedicure

Color & Wats: Pink 72W
Sale price$34.95

 This professional Nail Dryer LED Nail Lamp UV Lamp is designed for quick and easy curing of all types of UV/LED gel nail polish. The included motion sensor detects hand movement and automatically powers on to reduce waiting times and energy consumption. The adjustable timer offers a wide range of curing times up to 60 seconds. This powerful dryer also features an anti-UV LED light to protect your hands and nails from UV radiation. With its durable design, this nail lamp is perfect for salon use. Light up your manicure and pedicure treatment with this professional Nail Dryer LED Nail Lamp UV Lamp. 

UV Nail Dryer™ – Emybelle

  • Say Goodbye to Smudged Nails: No more ruined nails from smudging or smearing during the drying process!
  • Save Time and Multi-Task: Stop waiting around for your nails to dry and start doing other things while our nail dryer with Timer Auto Sensor does the work for you.
  • Professional-Looking Results: Achieve salon-quality nails from the comfort of your own home with our Timer Auto Sensor feature.
  • LED Light Nail Dryer - The Gadget Shop

    SMART NAIL DRYING LAMP: This Curing Lamp is applicable for drying most types of nail gel polish and extensions: hard gels, UV/LED gels, CND Shellac, OPI, sculpture, guilders and builders. This dries nails evenly and speeds up your at-home nail curing!

    DIGITAL TIME DISPLAY: This nail polish dryer is equipped with an advance time memory function that you can set in 10, 30, 60 or 99 seconds low heat mode! 

    SMART SENSOR: With Infra-red sensors, this professional manicure and pedicure dryer automatically turns on & off when sliding inside or out any of your hands/feet.

    SUPER SPACIOUS: This includes a spacious area for curing, large enough to fit both hands or feet inside at the same time! 

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