NEW! Bange™️ Anti-Theft Hard Shell Sling Bag

Color: Blue
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This Bange™️ Anti-Theft Hard Shell Sling Bag is super stylish and practical.

👉 Hard Shell protects your stuff from being crushed
👉 High-quality materials make the look and feel exceptional
👉 Scratch-proof material prevents cuts and wear marks
👉 Anti-Theft Lock protects your stuff from strangers
👉 Water-repellent and drop-resistant material keeps your stuff always dry
👉 The hidden card pocket is handy and secure
👉 The 3.0 USB connector makes it easy to charge your phone (power bank not included)
👉 Breathable honeycomb material keeps from sweating and is comfortable to use
👉 Minimalist and simple design. Available in 5 colors, choose your favorite!

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