New Crystal Hair Eraser, Women Smooth Shaving, Legs Hair Remover

Color: Gold
Sale price$29.95

The New Crystal Hair Eraser

Smooth and painless elimination of hair has been so easy. With us you'll never experience shaving bumps or skin irritation , or ingrown hair for the rest of your life. Our innovative technology for Our Crystal Hair Eraser ensures that you'll finally enjoy the silky skin you've earned. Due to its specially designed surface design, Our Crystal Hair Eraser painlessly removes hair from the skin when you use it and removes it in the process.


  1. Use our Crystal Hair Eraser after showering on dry skin
  2. Move our Crystal Hair Eraser in circular motions over your legs, arms or other body parts for a while
  3. Apply light pressure to remove the hair thoroughly & completely
  4. Clean our Crystal Hair Eraser after use
  5. Apply lotion to your skin and feel how smooth it feels
  6. Please do not use on already creamed skin

  • A pleasant and easy way to remove hair
  • Less skin irritation
  • Reusable
  • Prevents the growth of hairs
  • Exfoliate gently for skin


Package Content:

  • 1x Hair Eraser Crystal, in the ordered color

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