Orthopedic Walking Shoes for Women- Breathable Lightweight Air Cushion Slip-on Walking Slippers Clak shoe for Bunions

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  • In the United States alone, more than 29 million people have been diagnosed with some form of diabetes.
  • That's about 9.3 percent of the entire population.
  • Another 8.1 million people may have diabetes but have not been diagnosed.

  • People with diabetes can experience foot problems due to nerve damage. This can lead to decreased sensation and poor circulation in the feet, making them more susceptible to injuries and infections.
  • Breathable shoes can help with foot health by allowing sweat to escape and preventing moisture build-up. This can help reduce the risk of fungal infections and skin breakdown.
  • Soft shoes can provide comfort and protection for feet that may be sensitive or have nerve damage. They can also help to distribute pressure more evenly, reducing the risk of foot ulcers.


  • Just because you're part of that 9% doesn't mean you have only a few options when it comes to choosing stylish diabetic shoes
  • we offer a grand selection of diabetic shoes that are not only functional and comfortable, but stylish as well.
  • Walking-related foot injuries often occur when walkers wear the wrong type of shoes or shoes that don't fit their feet.

Lightweight|Fashionable|Air Cushion|ARCH SUPPORT|Fits all foot types


  • Corrects Posture and Eliminates Muscle Imbalance
  • Corrects the balance of forces on the feet, knees, hips & muscle balance
  • Bunion correction
  • Separate, straighten and align your toes
  • Foot Science's Arch Pro Orthotics


Orthopedic Shoes Prevent Hazards

  • Women with diabetic neuropathy must take precautions to prevent foot injuries.
  • Ulcers may form under the feet within hours.
  • Diabetic orthopedic shoes can prevent complications, which include ulcers, calluses and strains.
  • If left untreated, these complications can eventually lead to amputation.

Lightweight and Comfortable

  • We intend to make it soft with our unique platform and wedge design, so that you feel like walking on air.
  • When standing or walking for a long time, it will minimize any foot pain.
  • Light weight, aerobic deodorant, dual purpose water and land, indoor alternative.

Elastic Hollow Knit Upper

  • Round toe breathable fabric and elastic hollow knitted upper for your feet to be more comfortable.
  • The mesh design is great for hot summer days, separating, straightening and aligning your toes.

New Generation Air Cushion

  • Special air cushioned insole with arch support cushioning performance, which fits better with your foot for more comfort and movement.
  • It protects muscles, joints and tendons, and the air bladder will immediately return to its original shape.
  • Protect your body from the next impact

Arch Support and Anti-slip Insole

  • Combines a memory foam insole with special dual padding that supports the heel to provide optimal stability and reduce pressure on the toes

Ultra-lightweight EVA Rubber Non-slip Sole

  • Ultra-light EVA rubber non-slip sole with pressure points on the sole to eliminate pressure and cushion your foot

Suitable for Standing All Day

  • With soft air cushion design, long hours of standing and walking will not make you feel fatigued.
  • These are extremely suitable work shoes for people who need to stand or walk for long periods of time.

Fashionable Appearance

  • You can wear them all day long with all your pants, skirts, and tops
  • These are the best home shoes and make great holiday gifts for family and friends.

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