Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery & Carrier, 4 hours Battery, 3L/M Flow

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THE Perfect Lightest Weight Portable Oxygen Concentrator For Travel!



  • Multi-Purpose: Awesome for home, car, travel, work, Including 2* battery. Charge 4 hours, Work Time for 2.5 hours. 2 batteries work for 5 hours
  • Low Noise: less than 45dB, night use will not affect sleep, It works with or without water, no need to refill at night.
  • Portable and light: Size:9*4.3*6.6 inch, weight 4.4Ibs, with carrying Bag is portable
  • Energy-efficient, Economical Consumption: Power Consumption is average below 32W
  • Efficient oxygen supply: Precise oxygen concentration control to 29+/-2% for rich oxygen achievement


Oxygen Concentrator Specifics:

  • Airflow outlet:Approx 3+/-1.5L/min
  • Concentration:28%+/-2%
  • Size:9"(L)X4.3"(W)X6.6"(H) inch
  •  Item weight: 4.4 Ibs
  • Charge the battery for 4 hours,Work Time 2.5 hours
  • Power Consumption: average below 32W
  • Rated Voltage:AC 110V 50-60HZ / DC 12-15
  • Noise:below 45dB
  • Warranty (1Year)

Perfect for traveling 

Package Includes:

1 x Main Oxygen Concentrator
1 x Power adapter
1 x Carry Bag
1 x Extender tube with vaporizer capsule
1 x English Manual
1x Rechargeable Lithium Battery
1 x Lithium Battery charger
1 x Nasal Cannula
1 x Power Cord
1 x Car Charger

Legal disclaimer:

This product is used for health care use ,Not for medical use.


1.Portable Oxygen Concentrators – Why choose them?

  • Battery Packs for Portable Oxygen Solution

A portable Oxygen concentrator uses battery packs and allows the oxygen user to stay mobile. It is small in size and lightweight and can be carried around easily. Since the portable oxygen machine runs on a battery, a fully charged battery will keep the machine operable outdoors unlike a stationary unit.

  • Multiple Power Options for convenient use of Portable Concentrator

Apart from portability, an extra benefit is that this type of portable breathing machine also runs on AC and DC currents. It can be plugged into an electrical outlet if at home and if in the car, it can be charged through a DC power cord thus preserving the battery for outdoor use. Multiple power options of AC and DC current and rechargeable battery make it a convenient machine to have at home and outdoors.

  • Varied Usage Options for POC

The portable variety includes pulse dose oxygen concentrators which are smaller in size. Some portable oxygen units provide a continuous flow of oxygen but these are larger in size and have built-in wheels. The portable variety has more options in terms of usage – portable type with high flow settings and personal oxygen concentrators less than 5 pounds.

2. Can the machine set the time?

 It is ok, you can set time as your wish,20/40/60 minutes.

3.Do I need to buy anything else to be able to use it right away?

Hi, you don't need to buy anything else.

4.how long does the battery last?

Hi, it can be used for 2.5hours after fully charged.

5.What does Oxygen concentration 28±2% mean?

Hi, this means that the concentration of oxygen will be about 28% and there will be a 2% margin.

6.does this machine makes its own oxygen or is there a tank that has to be recharged ?

Hi, this machine can make its own oxygen, doesn't need a tank.

7.can buy additional batteries ?

If you additional batteries, Please Contact us