Powerful Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar

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Are you looking to keep your car safe from thieves? Our Powerful Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar is built with a unique three-direction lock so it will prevent even the most skilled thieves from driving off with your car!

steering wheel lock bar

The three-direction lock design on the steering wheel lock will lock your steering wheel at the left side, right side, and above the airbag. It would take a thief more than 45 minutes to cut all three parts of the car wheel lockout!

When the club steering wheel lock airbag apron is cut, it will hit your car horn which will alert people around the car! Built with anti-wear cushions, the steering wheel club will not damage your steering wheel.

steering wheel lock bar

The angle of the car steering wheel lock apron can be adjusted to fit your car's steering wheel. When you're done using the steering wheel lock, you can fold it up and place the car wheel lock under your seat.


Easy To Setup: Installing the club steering wheel lock is very simple because all the necessary parts are included. In just four easy steps, your steering wheel club is ready to begin deterring car thieves!

Durable: Crafted with a high-quality steel alloy, our car steering wheel lock beam is twice as durable as normal 304 steel. The steering wheel lock bar will still be in usable condition after 16 tons of pressure from hydraulic shears!

Versatile: Our steering wheel lock has an adjustable lock apron so the angle can be adjusted to fit your steering wheel perfectly. This makes the car wheel lock compatible with most steering wheels!


Material: Alloy, Leather
Key Numbers: 3 Keys


1x Powerful Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar


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