Professional Vacuum Pore Cleaner

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Everyone who uses peelings or blackhead pull off strips knows that they have a hard time removing the big and deep pores. This is where the Blackhead Remover comes in.

The vacuum literally sucks out blackheads from clogged pores. Sure, the thought of your face being sucked into a nozzle might seem strange, but the results are fabulous. The vacuum leaves your skin without any traces of blackheads and excess oil and dirt. Your skin becomes clean, smooth and fresh.

How to use:
It's important to wash your face with warm water before using the vacuum. Warm water (or steam) opens the pores. When you're done warming up your pores place the vacuum on the places with blackheads. Push gently and leave it ther for  ±45 seconds.

The Black Remover Vacuum is easy to clean and simple to operate. The device is very portable and is suited for home and travel use.

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