ProHear Muffs -Ear Protection Earmuffs, Hearing No Noise Impact for Shooting & Construction Work

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 Best Ear muffs for Women and Men With Effective Noise Reduction NRR Rating

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  • PROFESSIONAL SAFETY EARMUFF: Featured sound dampening composite housing prevent sound from reaching your ears altogether, you will hear something, But it’s akin to turning down the volume enough to protect your hearing and easier on your ears; The small form factor helps to keep your muffs from getting in the way of what you are doing, making you safer; Low profile cuts-out earcups for firearm stock clearance
  • DURABLE COMFORT: Soft foam Ear Pads bring better experience; Padded headband for comfortable fit; Rubberized coating craft for supreme soft-tough feeling
  • CERTIFICATION: 26dB NRR - Backed by Certified Protection of ANSI S3.19-1974 (American national standards Institute) and CE EN 352-1 (European standard), Recommended for shooting,hunting , working, aviation, sawing wood ,mowing the lawn,etc
  • EASY TO PACK: Compact Folding design for convenient storage, you could put it in your own suitcase, backpack, range bag, etc

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