Rack Organizer Clothes Hanger Rail Double Deck Shelves

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This hanger is a double-bar drying rack that integrates the three-in-one functions of storage, clothes drying and hanging bags


  • Are you looking for a rack to put away your clothes, shoes and bags? Try TORIBIO new garment rack!
  • This attractive sturdy and multifunctional clothes rack is a perfect solution for you to storage hats, ties, scarves, bags, coats , sweaters, shoes, even storage boxes and etc, in Hallway, bedroom, living room, balcony, office and shop.
  • The sturdy metal material ensures that the frame can bear heavier weight.
  • The non-slip foot pads make the shelf stronger and can also protect the floor from scratches.


Screw-reinforced, durable


  • The bottom double-layer partition can provide us with shoe storage space (can hold 10 pairs of shoes)

Metal thickening and anti-rust design


  • 4 additional hooks to increase storage space
  • Thickened steel tubes make the frame stronger and ensure that the frame can handle heavier weights



The three-in-one storage method can save us more space


  • Dual-bar double-layer design can hold up to twice as much laundry
  • 8 extra hooks to hang your bags, hats and more
  • The bottom double-layer partition can provide us with shoe storage space


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