Relief Wrap, Heated Neck And Shoulder Massager

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  • Upper back relief from shoulder and neck tension
  • Three levels of adjustable heat therapy levels
  • Automatic 30-minute timer shuts off after each interval
  • Select from 5 custom pulse settings for ultimate comfort
  • Combine heat and massage therapy or use them independently
  • Contemporary design

    Relax your body, make life healthier and happier 

    Heated Neck and Shoulder Massager Wrap into your weekly routine! It's designed to apply deep-invigorating thermal care while providing a soothing massage onto your sore muscles and improve blood circulation. Select no heat, low heat or high heat to relax aching or stiff muscles within 2 minutes of starting up! It's the perfect way to provide heat therapy to your upper back thanks to the ergonomic high collar design and long length. Stop overheating and remain comfortable with the 30-minute timer setting that automatically shuts off to give you peace of mind. Safe to use anytime so you can enjoy nice, relaxing heat therapy anywhere!

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